Monday, September 24, 2007

2 Links and a Surprising Note

First, another facebook photo album for those interested.

Secondly, this article pretty well defines my views on the whole Christian/Secular art thing. I've blogged about that enough but thought it was a good article (although I noticed some typos... c'mon editor!)

Note - going to the rain forest this week! Leaving tomorrow night and not returning until Saturday or Sunday or something! I'm psyched. Only found out today... made for a good surprise.


disoriented said...

I am not a christian person.

I really like that idea.

Have fun in the forest, watch out for big spiders.

Matt Morgan said...

Josiah. Hope the rain forest was fun. We had our wing retreat this weekend. We camped. It was cold, but fun.

It's hard being the only member of emo nation on the wing. I need backup. Come soon.