Saturday, September 1, 2007

Oh, a few things and links to facebook albums

They told me in speech class that starting a speech off with a quote both captivates the audience and adds credibility to your oral essay. I assume the same applies to blogs so...

"Hey Brother" -Buster, Arrested Development.

Today was great and all. Visited a Supermaxi grocery store. Bought new shoes. What else could a gir... er, I mean, a man want?

Ruf and Kevin came over and we watched Ocean's 11 with my brother and sister (from down here). Found out that this is the sweetest house of all time as mi hermano set up a projector in the upstairs living room and we watched George Clooney (in all his handsomeness) big screen style. I also realized that I may be able to hook up my computer (with Season 4 The Office episodes soon to be uploaded). This promises a reason to stay in Ecuador alone.

Tomorrow is my brother's birthday. I got him a Spanish worship CD. I hope he doesn't read my blogs somehow... Anyways, they're big on worship music. They love Hillson United. Yeah, who knew?

Enjoy something today.

Oh, I almost forgot. If you happen to read my blog but are not yet taken up in the Facebook revolution and want to see some of my pictures (the chances of someone meeting all three of those requirements cannot be on the postive side of the number line) then these links should take you there:

Album 1
Album 2


disoriented said...

Hillsong is good. I quit facebook.... so... wow. I am glad you are having a good time there buddy. I dont think I could do what you are doing.

Jacob said...

hyperlink that trash.. come on, you were in bus. systems with me