Thursday, September 6, 2007


I realized a lot of things today and they're all bouncing around my head like electrons go around the nucleus in those atom models they have on tv or chemistry class.

I'm going to number so as to add some structure to my electron-like thoughts.

1. I need to live for the day. Even if I'm not enjoy whatever I'm doing as much as I may enjoy doing something elsewhere, God has me where I'm at for a reason. Well, perhaps God can use where I'm at is a better way of describing it.

2. I rely on relationships a lot. I hadn't realized to the degree this is true until now. I don't find fault in this. I actually think this is good. But I hadn't thought it to be quite such a big deal when leaving.

3. As a person who prescribes to some of the emergent church beliefs, part of which is that of accepting and loving all, I often find myself resorting to disliking people and pursuing already existent friendships. Although I see this is, in part, due to personality (I dig deep with those I know well) I need to look past petty discrepancies I see in people and engage.

Alright so I really like people I can relate to. This happened today between my TU friends and I (especially Ruf). This also happened between my host family and I. Good day.

I believe that's all for now.

(PS. Tom Smillie is being put in the label part of this blog b/c he wanted a shout out. Hey Tom.)

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