Sunday, September 23, 2007

Four sets of Three

I watched the same movie three times today. They had three different titles.
1. Die Hard 4
2. Next
3. Transformers
All contained:
1. Saving the world.
2. Cool brainy computer people that can do impossible things.
3. Great special effects.
Unfortunately, watching these movies did three things:
1. Lowered my IQ.
2. Fulfilled my American stereotype of liking crappy movies.
3. Wasted 5 1/2 hours of my day... actually, I rather enjoyed all of them simply because I miss movies.
I realized the following while movie watching today:
1. 24 is the new Die Hard. Now they must co-exist.
2. If you haven't seen Next don't read this comment - the whole "you just watched a movie about something that didn't happen" thing could be seen while watching the trailer, it's been done [in various forms] too many times, and it's a cheap trick all together.
3. Watching Transformers again only re-emphasized my previous thoughts (3rd point) on the film. I do like Shia LeBouf though.


Taylor said...

i loved live free die hard! even better than Bourne 3 maybe. gasp.

Elyse said...

I hate Shia LeBeouf. wasn't it you who hates all the actors i love and vice versa.