Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Only a Link... Not Exciting. Or is it?

OK so apparently today marks the 10-year anniversary of Rich Mullins' death. Now I'm not claiming to have known a lot about him when he was alive although I do remember where I was when my mom told me he had died in a car crash.

Regardless, I read this article/blog thing about him and (although heard he was sweet before) I realized just how cool of a guy this Rich Mullins was. He was authentic cool Christian before it was cool. Way to be.

May we learn from your life without idolizing it, Rich.


Ben said...

Rich's brother is an associate pastor of some sort at my parents' church in Indy. Don't know him at all, but he looks like him.

Sweet link, good read.

khal994 said...

dude I got Rich Mullins greatest hits if you want to snag it, its pretty tight. He´s probably my number 3 in my ¨old school christian music¨ category following Keith Green and of course Petra. bowlin tonight dawg