Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Here’s a few things I like about living in Ecuador:

  • My host family.
  • Hot chocolate or coffee for breakfast or dinner that is yummy (made with milk).
  • Being here with 4 other Taylor students.
  • Having ties to a strong church which is looking out for me here in Cuenca.
  • The views.
  • My host brother rapping my name.

Here’s a few things I could go without:

  • Being cold 24/7. They said it was cold. I thought they meant cold for a S. American country. No it’s just cold.
  • Lack of really hot water.
  • My practicum. This may come off this list but right now it’s looking difficult.
  • Being away from Taylor. I’ve only got three more semesters at TU (and 1 semester with my older friends). Why is college only four years? I could easily go for 6 or 8 and learn more things and be with people I like. Instead I have to graduate.

I’m so bi-polar on my stay here. Somedays (yesterday) I was ready to come home. Other days (today) I’m loving it. I think it has to do with how much interaction I have with the other Taylor students. They seem to provide an outlet for me to ramble and be dumb and understand me. So I think I’m looking forward to starting business classes in October simply because that means chillin’ wit my homies on a daily basis.

I realize I tend to abuse the blog thing (what is this, like blog 6 in the last week and a half?) but I’ve got nothing better to do with my wireless … so deal.

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disoriented said...

I dont think that you could be anywhere and not wish you were not there on one day and wish you were there on another.
"So deal"

the way I am dealing with it is just choosing to read some blogs and choosing not to read others. Maybe I will have read all of them someday but not today.