Sunday, September 2, 2007


Alright a couple highlights from the past day or two.

Yesterday: my brother's (Cesar Jr.) birthday. Party at the house. Talked to a kid named Justen who is planning on coming to Taylor next year. His parents are Americans (and he himself has American citizenship) but he has lived here his whole life. It was nice to have a conversation in English and talk about Taylor. I almost felt like I was introducing a freshmen onto the wing (something that I have missed this fall).

This afternoon: my sister made a couple pizzas for lunch. Delicious and I had Sprite to drink. I don't mind the food down here but a little Americanization is nice every now and then. I believe I had four pieces.

Later this afternoon: after watching a couple episodes of The Office with my brother and sister (they fell asleep...) we went to play soccer. Sweetest court of all time. Turf floor and gates around and netting ceiling. Took me back to the good old days of indoor soccer (except we were outside). They weren't lying about the altitude thing though. I was gasping for air in seconds (it usually takes minutes). I played keeper for over half the time and did fairly well at the beginning. Later on I let in a few easy goals but I was pleased with my overall performance. Perhaps I'll do some jogging to be able to breathe? Probably not.

OK, I think my family made hot dogs (I think they think I love hot dogs b/c I worked a stand all summer...) Peace out.

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Matt Morgan said...

Sounds like a good time. I wish I could play soccer in Ecuador. And it's hilarious they think you love hot dogs because of your previous occupation. Miss you here on 2EZ.