Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Work, Lit, & Vacations

Aight so I just finished a little papes papes for my practicum. Approximately 3.5 pages (mostly single spaced too). It feels good to have actually done something. Unfortunately, come this afternoon when I discuss it with my boss and/or person I'm working with, it'll most likely prove useless. I'm going to enjoy the feeling for the moment and eat lunch. (Oh, I also stayed at home so I could 'research' on the internet... this = 10 x better than being at the office.)

Other noteable events: I think I'm going to go for a English Lit minor. Full semesters from here on out but something I enjoy (although I don't have a whole lot of previous knowledge). Figuring out my schedule has been my only interest in the past two days. Oh, it's exciting.

Also, found out today that TU should be financing our trips this fall to wherever we go. For our "big" trip (week tops) we'll be hitting up the Amazon or the Galapagos Islands (either of which would be amazing although I think I prefer the GI option). Other "small" trips (couple days, weekend?) include Quito (Ecuador's capital - 10 hour drive to the North) and/or the beach (yay Pacific Ocean/warmer weather!). In addition to seeing more of S.America, I just like chillin' with the other TU students and trips mean nothing but TU students.

OK, I think we're grilling out today. I don't know what that means. Peace.

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