Saturday, September 8, 2007

Amedex Insurance would cover my seizures

So the most difficult part about being here has definitely been my practicum. There has been a lot of reading Spanish text books about Insurance and feeling lonely while at said practicum's office. Thankfully, my boss gave me a couple policies to read in English this weekend. I love English.

Although, while reading the policy (I need to get familiar with a lot of the policies this particular broker deals with) I realized I will most likely never work in insurance. Maybe I'm being fickle but it seems pretty boring through and through. I do like the broker part of it. (For those of you unaware (like me a week ago), a broker is the middle man between insurance companies and people wanting insurance. The broker picks best plan for person looking for insurance.) There is a lot of human interaction and it is not monotonous. Unfortunately, this part is difficult for me here because I speak 8 words in Spanish (which cuts down on the number of real sentences I can utter).

Basically, I finished reading a policy, was on the verge of breakdown (due to boredom) and decided to blog it instead of relapsing into a series of seizures which 13 page policies sometimes cause (similar to the effect of those strobe like anime cartoons).


Benjamin said...

Aw, Josiah. I love you. Keep it up and just imagine me having as much trouble with French as you are Spanish... because that's true.

disoriented said...

You have to read those??? Sick nasty bitch. (I know you enjoyed that.)