Monday, September 17, 2007

Steve Almighty

Alrighty, so I just watched Evan Almighty with a bunch of peoples who speak Spanish... thankfully they used Spanish subtitles and just watched it in English. It's glorious knowing the dominant language sometimes. I guess I appreciate it a bit more when it's taken away.

My notes on Evan (I didn't actually take notes but perhaps you could call them mental notes):

First off are a few things I liked about the movie....

The cast. For some reason, I just loved seeing so many random actors all together. Wanda Sykes as a secretary? Jonah Hill goes from Evan Almighty to Superbad? That dude (John Michael Higgins) who played the uptight lawyer on Arrested Development as practically the same character? Lorelai (OK, Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls) as a normal mom? John Goodman playing himself as a jerk (j/k John). Andy from The Office! Molly Shannon thrown in for a few laughs? Morgan Freeman (the only returning main character?) as God. And of course, Steve as Noah. It was all too much for my finite mind.

There were parts that I laughed. A movie entitled "The 40 Year Old Virgin Mary" advertised. Wanda (as annoying as she is) made me laugh a couple times. The sight of Molly Shannon makes me laugh. And honestly, I think the dance clip during the credits was worth the whole thing. Seeing the whole cast (note previous paragraph please) going crazy was incredible.

This movie will get some discussions going. No doubt 'bout 'dat.

With that said, I had a couple complaints...

OK, why'd all the animals have to come if it was a "flood" the size of the city? Unless there's a zoo nearby, I'm pretty sure monkeys, lions, and giraffes don't live in the Virginia/D.C. area. I'm usually not a stickler movies being 100% logical in every area... but c'mon, this didn't even remotely make sense.

This was a family movie. I wish there was some label on it saying so (or maybe the PG rating was the label). I knew this before watching it, but I can just see a bunch of people who loved Bruce Almighty or Steve Carrel and coming out of the theatre (or now, returning their Blockbuster/Net Flix rental) a bit pffd that the "series" switched genres without letting them know.

As for me, I could have done without the cheesy jokes and Sunday School lesson. I'm finding myself to be a fan of movies asking questions. Or perhaps hinting at what is right. The lesson is so blatant that a 6 year old could pick up on it (hence it being a family movie). I think the first movie did a decent job at this. In addition to not sugar coating it, the first film wasn't quite as message-y.

I also see a possible Evangelical TD being made (and the extra point is good!). I'm glad this is made by an almost entirely non-Christian cast and studio (at least not outspoken Christians). Seeing another Passion or (not quite as popular) Nativity Story wouldn't do it for me. I think those movies have merit but I just see it as a "win" for the "Church side." [Now if only we can crank out 5 more "Christian" movies next year then that'll be enough to counteract the "secular" movies.] We gotta be careful making "sides" out of those who call themselves Christians and those who don't. Now I know the director or producer (I'm not for sure and it's too late to check) is a Christian. But the fact that he's working with a cast that's actually known for some raunchier movies (Steve Carrell, Jonah Hill, Molly Shannon) makes me glad. Basically, I'm glad Kirk Cameron didn't star in this one. To sum up this last paragraph, I think we (as Christians) need to see movies for their truthfulness, what is being said (whether it is blatant or subtle), and even their quality in total production (a crappy movie forfeits a lot).

OK, I think I have a couple more things but it's midnight:15 and I have to work tomorrow so out of respect for my mood tomorrow, I'm calling it a night.
G'night and G'luck.
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Benjamin said...

I feel like this post could have been an article in a quality movie reviewing magazine. I feel so informed. Kinda wish I didn't take French so I didn't have 8 hours of homework and I could watch it. Frick.

We're doing something illegal every night in J-Term. You shouldn't have left.