Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Casa (same connotation as home?)

Tonight was cool. We (los americanos) went out to a restaurant with about ten other people our age. It made me feel at home. I suppose I am used to doing doing doing when in other countries (i.e. mission trips) but tonight was a night I could just enjoy with others my age. It's going to be good... getting only better I think.

Something sucky I was thinking about today was how I am going to get attached to this place. Perhaps a lot. Which just adds a home for me. And then I'll be missing two homes at all times (my homes being Michigan, Taylor, perhaps Ecuador). It's one of those parts of life that I wish I could do without. Why can't all the people/places be in one place? I'm not sure what I think heaven will be like (b/c I'm seeing Jesus calls us to bring heaven to earth now) but if there are to be some sort of added supernatural things going on, I hope for a closeness of friends.

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