Monday, August 27, 2007

More stuff and general comments

Saturday – Consisted of getting up and hopping on a bus headed for Cuenca (where all our host families, schools/practicum, and church are located). Ridiculously beautiful drive through the Andes Mountains. Being enveloped within clouds. Breaking through. Hitting the tree line. Waking up from a nap cold and in wonder at how I can be cold while practically sitting on the equator. Arrival at the church comes quick and I’m off with my family. Scared? Si. Thankfully, my host family knows quite a bit of English so it’s not a complete drop-of from my English thinking mind. I meet everyone and within a half hour I am invited to a friend’s wedding. “Sure, why not” I say. So later on that night the kids and I get all spiffed up and head to the wedding. Well we’re 45 minutes late but I don’t think it mattered because the wedding was a part of a Saturday evening mass or something and I don’t think we missed much. Regardless, I witnessed a Roman Catholic wedding within a day of arriving to Ecuador. Nice. The reception was off the heezy. Well, I was lost most of the time but it was quite fancy (and I was a bit underdressed) and the food was good. A little bit of dancing and I called it a night.

Sunday – Church was exciting. Worship was very good and the sermon confusing. Taylor gave us these great Spanish/English Bibles which I wasn’t all about at first (more luggage weight?) but am now happy I brought it down. After the service we learned that their youth group was returning to Cuenca from an orphanage they had just been at and there was an accident. Three students died. Oh what an overwhelming event. My brothers and sister are quite affected obviously. I just sit to the side and pray. I’m to take a nap now. It will be good. >> Saw some of the city. As I see more, I like more.

A few general comments:

First, it’s flippin’ cold all over the place. Wore a tee-shirt, polo, and sweater all day today and if anything, was cold. I know I referenced the cool temperatures earlier but it’s still noticeable to me.

Second, they eat a boatload of food. I’ll give you today’s menu –
Breakfast: scrabbled egg, bread, juice, coffee.
Snack before lunch: banana, two small peach things, plantain.
Lunch: potato soup, large plate of rice, meat, veggies, fruit salad.
Dinner: Coffee, sandwich.
Snack: Doritos, strange fruit, hot cocoa.

It’s killing me. I’m a man of small meals and they’re not all about that come lunch time. Perhaps I will become Josiah Gordo Hatfield. Doubtful though with all of their natural foods (I’m thinking I’m going to be craving some good ol’ preservatives in a month or so).

Third, this place is uber trendy. Like, think of the pictures you see in GAP and J. Crew and then make them all Hispanic. Wow, I am humbled. Oh, and the girls are beautiful. Wow, I am humbled. :)

Random: host parents 30th anniversary was on August 20 of this year. My parents 30th anniversary was August 13th of this year. Odd.

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Benjamin said...

I had no idea you were so high in the mountains and it was cold. I went to your old room yesterday thinking I would nap with you. But it was filled with freshies.