Monday, August 27, 2007

Wed - Thurs

Wow so there’s been a lot that has happened. I’ll provide a short itinerary with humorous side notes and then might make a general comment if that’s alright with you.

Wednesday – Leave Brighton, arrive at Taylor, enjoy time with college friends, regret having to leave after half a day with college friends, go to a movie and Wal-Mart, fall asleep in old roommate’s [air-conditioned] house.

Thursday – Wake up and go to a meeting at 10 am for Ecuador. Quick junk, right? Negative. We don’t finish up until 8 pm that night. Of course there were breaks and Subway and Top-It Pizza but wow that was a lot of Ecuador. It was actually all good to hear I just wish I could have met up with the guys more.

Friday – Meet up at the Ayers building at 8 am. Bagels and whipped cream cheese then off to Indy. Ruf, Brittany, Jordan, Kevin, Prof. Adams, and I hop on our dinky plane to Houston and arrive within a couple hours. Five hours of airport greatness awaits us. Start it off right with some Panda Express and then a lot of mindlessly walking. Airport shops are not half bad. No purchases were made but I was impressed. Aside from the exquisite shopping, the Houston Airport highlight had to have been two groups we saw boarding planes at our gate. Group #1: Mexican deportees headed back home. They seemed nice enough. Group #2: Asian traveling group with fluorescent pink hats and shirts. I believe I have a picture. Board the plane half hour late. No biggie. Sit on plane for three hours waiting for a new computer and software to be loaded on the plane. Biggie. Though life goes on. Arrive in Guayaquil around 3 am. Get to bed by 4:30 am while setting the alarm for 7:30. Those are fun ones.

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