Monday, October 1, 2007

My Rainforest Experience (in a Nushell)

Ever been on a mission trip and had one of those crazy trips where you felt like you were going to puke 10 minutes in but knew you still had 3 hours to go? I had that experience but different. 1. I'm not on a mission trip. 2. I didn't feel like I was going to puke. Half of the group did [feel like it] though. One did [actually puke] gag style. I was ready to be done an hour in ... or maybe just when we finished watching Office Space. 3. The trip was 10 hours long. 4. The trip was through the night on the way there... which proves awful when you're trying to sleep and it feels like a CP ride. Luckily, the vaca improved.

We stayed at La Casa del Suizo on the Napo river in the Orient region of Ecuador. So rainforest. We had to take a canoe to our hotel. It was jungle legit... but nice. Food was great. Pool was great. Rooms had porches with hammocks that looked out over the river. Relaxing.

What did we do you may ask? Well let me tell you.

visited a butterfly house
hiked in the rainforest with our guide, Clever
lazy rivered the Napo and another river (on both a Huck Finn raft and on inner tubes)
visited an animal reserve island with quite a few monkeys and other animals (although no touching!?)
sat [next to the pool]
read [next to the pool]
visited some locals

All in all, good trip. I would have liked to see a few more exotic animals... but I'll live. The hotel was amazing. Sitting and doing nothing but read was amazing. Encountering a crazy storm on the last day was ... fun? Always fun being with the other TU students. Roomed with a dude from the church named Nelson. Nelson and I made good roommates even though we didn't really talk a lot (at all? ).

I'd rather tell stories threw spoken words or pictures. So talk to me or check my facebook albums.

Oh, there was big group from France there for like, a day. It made me want to speak French a lot... but as I tried to think of things to say... all I thought were Spanish words. Sad. Fact: Living in a culture is the only way to learn a language.

Um, that's it. I missed episode 1 of The Office and I still have not heard the new DC*B album. Studying abroad has its definite drawbacks.


Elyse said...

I'm Sorry....I hope your little rainforest adventure was worth it because the first episode of the office was amazing.=)

Jacob said...

i have ppl ( a person) waiting to view your facebook albums you speak of... let's see them

disoriented said...

How is your spanish coming then? good?
Dude, come back and speak english to the people who miss you.