Sunday, October 14, 2007

Let's Review, Class

Oh, I like this song.

Oh wow. How was my weekend at the South American beach you may ask (and thank-you for asking)? It was quite mediocre I might reply.

Alright so the beach was kind of lame. I've been on nicer ones in Michigan I think. I also don't think we saw the sun (although we did get some of the effects of the sun). Mentally cool to know you're swimming in the Pacific but that was about it. Other than that... it was actually really fun. I always enjoy being with the other TU people and my brothers went! So we had a good time together. Let's see... what were some highlights?...

I ate an entire medium pizza our first night there. I am man.
We saw Rush Hour 3.
Five of us (minus Juan/One) rode an inflatable banana pulled by a speed boat. It was pretty fricking incredible. I don't think we stayed on it for more than 10 seconds. It was so hard to keep upright.
We made an insane amount of Juan/One (Juan being my brother) jokes. You know the pun, "Oh here's Cesar, where's the other One/Juan?" I love my brothers.
Kevin got a tatoo.
We watched a ton of 80's movies and Discovery Channel in our room.
I took some pictures.
Enough of that. I have to turn in a paper tomorrow (via email) to my Taylor prof. I've still got a page and a half to write. I'm thinking some graphs may be just the trick.
If looking for some random links to peek your interest... please check the following (I stole from RELEVANT slices and Alex Frank) >>
Gore wins a Nobel Peace Prize?
Abortion statistics released... what does this mean?
Wow, The View people should have attended school... of any kind.
And that's all for tonight. I'm off to write a paper. You're off to a better website.

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