Monday, October 1, 2007

COLLEGE in Ecuador

I just deleted a blog I just wrote. Suck. Here we go again.

Moved offices today. Moving was the extent of my workday. Not important.

Started business classes tonight (5:15-8:30).

Class 1: "International Marketing" (closer to Marketing taught in Ecuador). The teach was born in Michigan, grew up in and studied in Indiana, and has lived in a Chi-town suburb. He's more stereotypically Taylor than most Taylor students. He's nice and the class will be easy. Unfortunately (or maybe amusingly is a better word) he doesn't know how to control a classroom and 'Dor kids haven't really gotten past the high school thing. So it's a blow off that's fun (how I miss playing Yahoo! Pool with Jordan in accounting). Here's some quotes:

Teacher says something from the syllabus (something like, turn in work on time).
Student replies: "This is not a good idea."

Teacher asks student to stop joking around.
Student: "No, seriously."

More from the syllabus.
Student: "No, please Mike."

Teacher: "Who wants to get an A?"
Student: "I'll be happy with a B."

Student: "We should have a break."
Student 2: "Yes, we should have a break."

My favorite (I was wearing my green track jacket):
"She likes someone and I'm not going to name any names but he's wearing green."

Please realize that these lines spoken in a 'Dor accent makes them 4x as funny.

Class 2: "International Finance" (Realized half-way through that it is actually International Business... it's cool though b/c I could take either.) Great teach. From Ecuador. Studied at Boston College. Knows how to teach. One of those "hard but learn a lot" classes.

OK, studying to do for a cross cultural test tomorrow morning. Should have started before now (10:40pm... a lot later here than at TU).

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Morgan said...

McDonald's monopoly just started. It's not the same without you.