Sunday, October 21, 2007


Well we went to Cajas National Park today. Reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings movies. Check the pictures if you would like. There are some cool places on this earth.

Took a half hour (or so) hike to a lake. Ate food and candy and drank Sprite Zero. Laid on the bed-like mossy grass. Tried to fish. Enjoyed the sun. Scorned the impending clouds.

Once we hiked back to the bus, we ate. We decided to try the fish (trout, I think...) because that's what the locals eat. We definitely got the fish experience. I'm glad I tried it.

We returned (home) tired and I was in a slightly grumpy mood due to a certain item that I could not find.

I showered and watched It. Flipping 3 hours long but good. I respect Stephen King.

And now I sit here typing another dumb blog about nothing. Tomorrow morning I think I'm going to play tennis with my brother, Juan.

[typed Saturday night... posted Sunday afternoon]


Elyse said...

So, equador sounds amazing, i was thinking about being out of the country again, i miss it.

By the way, are you up to date with the office??

Matt Morgan said...

come on. It? That is probably the biggest waste of time i've ever experienced in my young life. The ending is enough to make you want to break your television. a majority of stephen king's writing starts off pretty well and then he drops it like its hot. an alien spider? really? hmmm.

Anonymous said...

jo! it's leslie. i've decided to chime in on your wonderful writing...starting now.