Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Upcoming, the Past, and Radios

Hey yo so,

three day weekend coming up. Going to a beach called Salinas with three other TU students (Ruf is going to Quito with his parents) and four guys from the church. I'm thinking it'll be pretty awesome. Relaxation. Fun. Sun. All the above. I do have a 5 pager due on Monday...

Ruf's parents/gf have been here since Saturday. The gf (Christina, enchante) left today due to a test tomorrow. The parents are here til Sunday but will be in Quito til then (as mentioned before). Regardless, I had a great time hanging out with them a couple times. Christina brought me the new DC*B album (thank-you) and Ruf's parents brought an amazing care package of deliciousness. No seriously, ridiculously good cookies. And I would have enjoyed hanging out with them even if they didn't bring gifts.

Also - today Radiohead released a new album that you can download for free. Almost, there's like a 45 cent credit card processing charge. And actually, they say you can name the price. So pay a ton, normal, or 45 cents. I like that Radiohead is doing this and because they're one of the largest bands in the world, they can.

That is all.

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