Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pre-10am Music

My freshman year of college, I played Imogen Heap's "Hide & Seek" just about every morning. Perhaps that annoyed my roommates to no end even despite their complaints whenever I didn't play the song. Anyhow, that song now reminds me of my early colleges years and mornings (and, let's be honest, The OC).

My sophomore year, Damien Jurado's "And Now That I'm in Your Shadow" played most mornings.

Since then, I've found the value in a number of albums that sound great pre-10am. You know the albums I'm talking about. They're good independent of time of day. But they also capture that gentle rise to full consciousness.

This morning, Iron & Wine's collection of B-sides and rarities, "Around the Well," did the job quite well. More specifically, Beam's cover of "Love Vigilantes."

Any others to add to the list?


Matt said...

I still think of freshman year fondly when I hear Hide and Seek.

Ben said...

Taylor always used to play Take Five by Dave Brubeck on Saturday mornings.

Jacob said...

Hide & Seek... great thoughts come to mind..
I think of community showers & Hubbells speakers
I also remember hearing it on the OC the first time and being blown away.. it was an epic moment