Friday, December 9, 2011

Best albums of 2011

Welp, time for end of the year lists! Here's my fave fifteen albums from the year. As always, I'll probably regret a decision made here within a week but such is life.

About as mainstream indie as you can get (maybe the Juno of the music world) but who can't resist the catchiness of just about every song?

Sweet vocals on top of poppy beats. And who doesn't love a twinge of throw-back thrown in?

Haunting and swirly and beautiful. A little bit of a Beach House vibe?

Perhaps not my favorite overall Noah and the Whale album but with tracks like L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. and Tonight's the Kind of Night, how could this album be left off?

Laid back but catchy at the same time. After looking up the lyrics, a lot of depth too. I wish the vocals were a little more accessible, no?

Sometimes you just need a good all-around band, you know?

These guys just have so much fun and energy. Have you not started singing along?

Man, Beam just keeps pulling out the stops with each release. What's coming next, a techno album, perhaps?

Probably the most listenable Decemberists album which has resulted in probably the most listened to Decemberists album that I own. Not too vanilla for ya, is it?

The whole album kind of makes me feel like I'm shopping in a store where I cannot afford the clothes. Other than that, I love the looping beats. And do they not have one of the most controversial/best album covers?

So much music on the double-album! And so much good music! Who doesn't love some French electro-pop?

This little known band played a fantastic show here at Taylor. Although their EP was originally self-released late in 2010, I'm going to count it as a 2011 release due to their new label re-releasing it this spring. While the beats lean on the silly side, the lyrics don't avoid weight. Have you seen their crrrazy music video?

Mm, mm, mm. I didn't know what to think about the new album. After a couple listens though, I was sold. And really, who wasn't?

That voice. And those beats. How can you argue with that?

Who would've thought they'd come back so strongly?

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