Friday, December 7, 2007


A couple nights ago I forgot my International Business book in the classroom. Now this little treasure has been my sole teacher for ITB this semester. Our prof enjoys speaking in Spanish and takes every opportunity he can to actually do so ... I understand parts or perhaps the general idea but for the most part, I know general ideas before taking classes. Anyways, most of my learning has come from the book in which I highlight with my pink and yellow highlighters. I kind of aced our last exam and I owe it all to my book so when I realized I left my book in the room, I was upset by the inconvenience of not being able to study my highlighted book.

So I get to the university a few minutes early to check out the classroom to see if it's still there but I'm told to check with the school janitor. He wasn't in his office thing; I decided to wait. Then, Ruf pointed to a lost and found box! What an idea?! A place to put things lost by people dumb enough like me. Anyhow, I did indeed find my book!!

There was a catch though. I forgot to mention that these books are all copies of real books. Ecuador isn't big on copyright laws so they go for it on the copying game. So I find my book alright ... but the spiral binding is not there! My book is strewn about in the box with a bunch of other crap. Thankfully, it was all there and after 5 minutes or so of sorting, I had it all in order.

My question is who needs bindings that much? Surely tearing it from the book was more hassle than it was worth.

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disoriented said...

So i just read all of your blogs (pretty much).

I really dont have anything to say. anything deep anyway. I am glad youre coming home soon. thats cool. uh, do you listen to mars hill podcasts??? don miller did a sunday morning for them on there. it was very well done. recommended. I think thats all. bye