Saturday, December 15, 2007

Nearing the End

We beached it in Montenita this week (Tuesday-Saturday morning to be precise). Turned out to be 3 solid days at the beach. The trip was suppose to go until Friday ... but then the sun came out Friday morning and since adding another day added about $15 to the overall trip, we decided to go for it. Anyhow, Montenita is a cool little surfer town where lots of backpackers, potheads, surfers, tourists, Taylor University students enjoy visiting. And that we did.

My final days include a couple exams (which we already have the questions for...), farewell dinner which should include a skit by the Gringos, and packing.

I got an email from my Mom saying how they just picked up my sister from the airport - wow, I'm excited to be home.

Oh, I posted some pictures on Facebook - link should be on the side there.

I've probably got 1 or 2 more Ecuador themed blogs in me but I think my blogging rate should be slowing down a little bit. I'm going to try to blog semi-regularly about things that matter but will most likely ease up on the "update" type blogs. You can call/email/visit me if you want into that. My goal is to stop the drivel while maintaining practicing writing.

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