Monday, December 3, 2007

Ending and Futball


I'm home in 2 and a 1/2 weeks. Curazy. This is the last week of internship and classes (besides a few exams and a paper due). Next week, we have plans to go to a beach for a few days and hostel it. Then the final week will be dinners with the host families, packing, chilling in Cuenca. Oddly enough, it will be weird to not be in Ecuador.

Last weekend we went to a pro soccer game here in Cuenca with our friend, Adrien. We were playing a team based out of Guayaquil. So I bought my $5 Cuenca jersey and tried to act like I was a local ... but still got called "grengo loco" ... I think due to my obsessive picture taking habits. Anyways, it was fun. I was expecting mayhem and near death experiences but I came to the conclusion that it was tamer than TU basketball games. Perhaps that was partly due to being in the nice section. The cheap section was filled with people standing up, jumping, lighting hot air balloon-esque things, throwing toilet paper, and a consistent drumming. We were told that section was dangerous. Boo. The game ended up a 0-0 tie ... boring. There were quite a few close ones including a double-header goal for Cuenca that was called back due to offsides. I was happy with my experience though.

Sidenote: I've linked all my albums from Ecuador on the right side here for easier viewing/access.

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