Tuesday, July 3, 2007

three things

you know what bugs me? when people defend the american way. i understand how it's mind boggling to think that Jesus calls us to a different lifestyle... but why do we get so vehemently opposed to it? how can one deny the fact that identifying with the poor is to identify with Christ? this is what He did. he even says, "whatever you do unto the least of these, you have done unto me."

argument: "living simply is a calling."

my response: how bout we start with simplicity? if God calls us to be wealthy to bless others, He'll do that and we'll be on our way. why do we assume that God wants us all to have everything we could possibly want or imagine (in a material sense)?

let's be open to it.

i think my greatest fear is being successful.

please note: i am a walking contradiction. i say, "let's be poor" and then buy a new camera. i say, "i want to be holy like You are holy, Lord" and then screw up. i plead for action and then get stuck in inaction.
so yes, i by no means have it figured out and working... i know i need to be open to God and this is what i see of God.

another thought:
something on my mind has been love. loving the unloved. those who often get cast out (by people in general, by the american church, by college kids, etc. ... basically any group that i fall into that passes judgement)
but then i see the one person i have the hardest time loving. those who aren't for loving. those who see this inclusive love thing as bogus and want nothing to do with it. this is the person i have a hard time loving.... but they still need my love.

to quote numerous bumper stickers and other paraphenalia: LOVE WINS.

it amazes me how each summer, the movie peeps think up some movie idea, put in some moderately big stars, some visual effects, and a few hot girls and people come out like it's none other. i guess i like to think that i (as a self-proclaimed film elitist snob) am paying for the experience and not the movie b/c Speilberg knows i don't buy into his hype.
that said, if you like 2 hour GM commercials with great CGI and pretty girls, you'd like this movie.

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