Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a couple movies you may want to see if you have not already


couple movie commentaries.

the fountain -
visually stunning.
storyline seemed good but i was tired so i think a re-watch is going to need to happen.
more accessible than aronofsky's other stuff.

jesus camp -
documentary on a rather charismatic church camp for kids.
put together by either non-christians or more liberally thinking christians.
i think it's suppose to be a bit shocking... but the shocking thing to me was that there wasn't a whole lot of shocking stuff to me b/c i'd seen most of it before.
from a non-christian's perspective: the manner these people go about christianity, the extreme fundamentalist views they hold, and other disagreeable things are mixed with christianity and it's hard to see the difference.
i wish christians would be smart. thoughtful. humble. more liberal.
the doc is supported by the christians in it.

junebug -
despite ben mckenzie, i really liked this movie.
an affluent young couple go back to meet the parents (of the man) in the south (or midwest or something).
the man's younger brother has a wife who is very pregnant.
at first, the smalltownness seems outdated, dumb, ridiculous at times.
later, they show a caring side. a deeply spiritual side.
i like that eveyone has multiple sides.
and these signs are seen through family ordeals.

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