Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Rica Coast

Rosta Cica was great.

It was nice to just be with a group of high schoolers again. I was surprised by the spiritual maturity of a lot of the guys. I was sort of an adult. I also got in trouble (10 guys in a shower at the wrong time as well as 10 guys in a single bunk are dumb ideas).

I feel as though a lot of what I have been learning is to simply love people. Serve them. Smile at them. This is what the gospel is. This is what God's kingdom is. When we do it, we are "pulling" that kingdom to earth. When the chance to go to CR arose, I was in. Like a kid in college who finally gets a job and uses the skills he's been learning, I feel like I could finally put my thoughts into action. And obviously pulling God's kingdom to earth can be done here in Btown too. ... I need to start that.

If you want to hear about my trip, talk to me. There's pictures on Facebook.

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Jacob said...

good stuff.. i like the blog, it's very ... relevant esk

keep them coming..