Friday, July 8, 2011

Sufjan and His Videos

Perhaps this is insulting to ask considering Sufjan made the rather extensive BQE audio/video project and I know his concerts are always visually stunning, but does the guy have music videos for any of his other songs? I feel like I should know this...

Anyways, here's the new video to his song "Get Real, Get Right" off of Age of Adz. A thing so bizarre and creative and fantastic that seems only fitting for Sufjan.

Oh, and the last lyrics of the song are pretty neat:
For you will not be distracted by the signs
Do not be distracted by them
Do yourself a favor and get real
Get right with the Lord
Get real, get right with the Lord

Sufjan Stevens, "Get Real, Get Right" Live Visual from Deborah Johnson, CandyStations on Vimeo.

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