Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm Turning Into a Dad

I realize that with posting blogs that are primarily "update" oriented and are focused more on pictures than on posing ideas or thoughts, that I am 1. getting lazy / using Twitter too much and 2. turning into a Dad who's just filling the grandparents in on the new baby's latest quirk.

Anyways, Jorjette and I took a little trip to Hotlanta this past week to visit the Boyers/Renos/Rufenachts(who actually have a baby) and we carpooled with a certain Michael Goodrich as he was visiting his hardworking wife who had a tradeshow she was working.

Highlights of the week included seeing everyone, the Bodies exhibit (controversy and all), the High Museum of Art, drinks on the top floor of the Westin, the Renos' apartment complex's salt water pool, and driving through the night (the driving actually kind of sucked...).

I didn't exactly have my camera with me most of the time... but here are some pics.

1 comment:

Christina R said...

I will consider your "I'm turning into a dad blog" as a shout out to mine. Thus a compliment.

It was so lovely to see you and your lovely wife this week.

- C, J, & A