Monday, February 22, 2010

Opening Credits: Best Of

During this year living at home, working 30 some hours a week at a coffee shop, I've had a lot of time to watch television. More specifically, I've been watching a lot of television shows, not just "television." (There's a difference.)

One staple of every show is the introduction. That few seconds (or minutes) that is a staple of every episode of each particular show.

To me, what makes a fantastic intro is something that sets the tone for the show. It cannot be too lengthy (I want show, not pre-recorded credits overlayed with a montage of the show's cast!). And it doesn't hurt if it's infinitely funny or catchy.

I thought of this while watching Scrubs, a show with one of the best intros I've seen due to it's short, catchiness that gets right to the point:

I also love the LOST intro. It, also, is super short but has the mysterious edge the show runs on:

And finally, who doesn't know the entire introduction of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Something that iconic has done something right:

Oh, and, at the risk of every girl in the country (/world) hating me, I hate the Friends intro because it's way too long and does nothing but show the cast playing in a fountain:

Of course there's many more but I can only add so many videos to a blog without it becoming tiresome. Please comment with any suggestions for your favorite/most hated television introductions.


Ben said...

Taylor and I have lately been amused by the intros to MASH and especially MacGuyver. What a good one.

Josiah said...

Wow. Yeah, the MacGyver theme is pretty outrageous (-ly awesome).

And the opening guitar part to the MASH theme totally set the mood as a comedy/sitcom that actually had something to say.

Dauthan said...

Considering that you've mentioned your appreciation for Mad Men before, I was surprised you didn't include that intro here.

Josiah said...

Dauthan- the Mad Men intro IS a well crafted piece of work... a great RJD2 song and sweet visuals... but when watching the show on disc, I always find myself fast-forwarding through it.

Dauthan said...

Yeah, I do the same if it's TiVo'd.