Saturday, February 6, 2010

My thoughts on SNL

Every time I see an old Saturday Night Live skit, I think to myself, "Man, Saturday Night Live was so funny 20, 30 years ago. It's too bad it hasn't stayed as funny."

This thought is followed with another thought, "Well, perhaps all the skits I'm seeing are just the 'best of' skits, the highlight reels. Not all of the skits were super funny. It was hit or miss, just like it is now."

After having these two thoughts, I typically verbalize them to my brother, Kenan.

Unfortunately, I seldom remember that I've already told this to Kenan on multiple occasions.

Kenan hates when I do this.

You should probably watch Saturday Night Live tonight (11:30 on NBC). Ashton Kutcher is hosting and he's bound to have at least one highlight reel skit that I'll be laughing at 10 years from now while having my usual thoughts.

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