Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today's Musings

A blog for no other reason than I am bored.

I'm currently in the midst of 4 (maybe 5...) books, all of which are fantastic. Harry Potter 7 is currently taking the place of "most read" and boy am I loving it's children's book greatness.

For those interested, I'm planning on substitute teaching for a year while working another part-time job for a year. Future possible plans include teaching (English in the states) or working in higher ed... both of which require more schooling. Hopefully the next few months of living at home will help me in finding what I really want to be doing with my life. Who knows, I could also just go with my initial thought of working for a non-profit here or abroad.

I applied to work at a coffee shop today. The one downside is that it's about 20 minutes away but I loved everything else about it. It is independently owned ("damn the man"), there are great couches/tables/places to drink (I love the atmosphere), it's downtown Howell amidst other "hip" stores, the people working there seemed to enjoy their lives, the application asked personal questions, not just references/former jobs (they care more about persons than most places I've been applying to). I hope it works out...

David Sedaris is a hilarious author (memoir-ish stuff). In one of the final chapters I was listening to (he's great on audiobook...) he described an encounter with a 9 year old by in the swimming pool at a YMCA: (paraphrased)
9-year old boy: Do you believe in God?
Sedaris: No.
9-year old boy: Why?
Sedaris: Because I have hair on my back. There are people in this world who rob and kill and destroy and have no hair on their backs while I have hair on my back. That's why I don't believe in God.
9-year old boy: You're going to burn in hell.
A frequent contributer of NPR's This American Life, you should check him out if you're looking for a light read (/listen) with a sophisticated tone to it. Warning: most of his books contain R-rated material... don't say I didn't warn you.

Finally, while driving back from the coffee shop, I spotted a license plate that had a Michigan State University S emblazoned on it. The rest of the license plate held the letters AVIOR on it, resulting in a licence plate that read: SAVIOR. I'm not for sure if this was one of those over-anxious Christians who felt compelled to have their license plate somehow make reference to Jesus (and his/her alma mater) or someone audacious enough to claim to be the Savior. Either way, slightly ridiculous.

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