Wednesday, July 1, 2015

IBI Update: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Brussels, Belgium

Spent an afternoon here eating fries and visiting the EU parliament. It was nice.

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

I think Rotterdam wins the city for the most livable (so far) besides the incomprehensible Dutch language. It's a large city without being overwhelming, it has a massive market with a ton of vendors, its architecture is crazy, and the language thing isn't that big of a deal because everyone we encountered spoke fluent English. 

We visited the zoo, we walked along the docks (the Netherlands is covered in water), and as has been the case in many of the cities we've visited, we took a boat tour. Our hotel was really quirky cool and located down the block from everything we wanted to visit.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Besides being a popular song title (Guster, Peter Bjorn & John, Coldplay), the home of Anne Frank, and having readily available weed/prostitution, I actually didn't have a bunch of places to visit here. We spent half a day in Amsterdam visiting a cheese/wooden shoe farm, a windmill park, a boat tour of the canals, and a few hours to walk around. In case you were wondering there are a ton of canals and row homes and it's a cool city besides the debauchery. 

Next: London, England 

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