Friday, January 17, 2014

Funny Girls

Context: The past year, I have increasingly thought about gender equality issues in US culture, the church, the workplace, the family, and other places. I am no expert on the topic. And I am a man. So I don't have the lived-experience of being a woman in today's world. But I'm pretty sure there's a lot of inequality out there.

As award show season is upon us, I was looking through all the leading comedies and what I believe should be the leading comedies. It was at that moment that I realized something.

Female comedians are killing it right now - and Tina Fey doesn't even have a show out right now! I know this doesn't mean that everything is solved or that television / the comedy world is perfectly balanced. I just want to celebrate some seriously funny female leads out there.

Below are what I consider to be the best comedies currently in production. The only show I would potentially add would be Modern Family though it's been so-so the last season or two. And I could add the critically-acclaimed, female-led Veep but I haven't totally bought into it yet (only one season in). Regardless, I'm happy to see women taking the lead in a previously male-dominated arena.

Girls (HBO)
I've been getting the DVDs from the library and I binge watch until there is no more. This show is super smart, self-absorbed, and hilarious. There's a million thoughts out there right now on what it's doing for/by/to women that I'm not going to comment on. All I know is that I love watching. 
New Girl (Fox)
While this is certainly an ensemble deal, I think Zooey brings the show together in wonderful ways. I'm excited this show took hold with viewers. 
Parks and Recreation (NBC)
Protagonist Leslie Knope is smart, loveable, neurotic, funny and career driven. Another ensemble cast but clearly led by the indomitable Poehler (yay for that recent Golden Globe).
The Mindy Project (Fox)
Mindy is clearly a "girls girl" though it's also clearly by choice. She loves medicine... and celebrity gossip. Fantastically funny show and created by Mindy herself.

Any thoughts on the matter? 

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