Friday, July 6, 2012

An Avengers Pro/Con List

I just caught the new, indie flick The Avengers. You should check out your local art cinema to see if it's playing.

As somewhat of an outsider when it comes to superhero movies, I made a well thought-out pro/con list of this latest blockbuster. The list was internally formulated during the last 53 minutes of the 142 minute movie.

Pro: Robert Downey Jr.
Con: Samuel L. Jackson

Pro: Scarlett Johansson
Con: Scarlett doesn't have a super-power (don't pretend she does)

Pro: Kitschy one-liners said right before, during, or right after kicking a bad dude's butt
Con: Having to sit in a theater where people laugh out loud

Pro: The name Loki from Asguard
Con: The name Lookie at his Ass-guard
(This pro/con could easily be vice versa'd)

Pro: Jeremy Renner
Con: Not The Hurt Locker or The Bourne Legacy

Pro: Perfect fast-paced summer action flic
Con: 142 minutes (Steve, if Dark Knight was a half hour too long, this was an hour too long)

Pro: Did well to meld 6 different superheroes
Con: Too super-humanistic (hey-o!)

Pro: Joss Whedon
Con: Not Christopher Nolan

All joking aside, my very under-developed comic book nerd side enjoyed this one. Still, looking forward to another comic book movie slated for release later this summer.

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