Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer Music

The mention of summer can elicit a number of feelings. For some, it can simply mean a break from always using your brain. For others, it can mean riding around in the car with the windows down and sunglasses on. And for still others, especially those in post-college days, it can simply mean a few warmer months and a couple of pool parties.

Whatever the case, a new season, especially one as distinct as summer, deserves some music recommendations. While every season has it's unique characteristics with appropriate music accompaniment (i.e. winter's isolated feeling coupled with Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago), summer can best be described by it's 'who-cares?' attitude coupled with music that is catchy and easy to sing along to. While Jack Johnson or Bob Marley may provide some classic examples of this 'genre' of music, I'd like to make three suggestions on recent albums releases.

First up, Vampire Weekend rules the summer. A couple years ago they stormed onto the music scene with their simple pop melodies and afro-beat sounds backed by their ivy league lyrical references/persona. A few months back, they released a stellar sophomore album, Contra, that is as carefree and catchy as the first album while adding a few more electronica touches. And Cousins may be my favorite song of theirs:

Next, the Brooklyn based band, Sleigh Bells, just released their first album, Treats, a couple weeks ago. They are crazy. They are also crazy catchy and perfect for listening to really loud in your car. Their song Rill Rill creates such a great vibe:

And finally, Surfer Blood is a band based out of West Palm Beach, Florida and comprised of some young, college guys. Naturally, living on the beach and being 20 is going to give you some "summer music" cred and when you add in their infectious vocals and guitar hooks, you get their perfect summer album, Astro Coast. Here's their single, Swim:

Alright, so there you have some of my summer picks. Any comments on your favorite current summer album or classic all-time favorite?

Happy summer and happy listening.


Siberian said...

for me, some essential summer albums are: Discovery - LP; The Drums - Summertime! EP; Pomegranates - Everybody! Come Outside!; The Strokes - Is This It; Weezer - Red Album

as far as newer stuff goes, here are some albums that will probably get a good amount of summer 2010 play from me: LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening; MGMT - Congratulations; Rodeo Ruby Love - This Is Why We Don't Have Nice Things (out in June); Free Energy - Stuck On Nothing

so yeah, there's a few. enjoy!

Dauthan said...


Josiah said...

Apparently I'll have to check out Free Energy.

And, I'm loving the new LCD and I'm realizing I don't think I was ever that into MGMT... they just don't do it for me.