Friday, April 3, 2009

Nondescript Pretty People (Spring Break)

Spring Break 2009 (the last spring break of importance, as far as I'm concerned):
The 2nd East Seniors
Atlanta (good friends (thanks for the good times), grad school visits, "job searching", sight seeing)
New Orleans (Bourbon street, Motel 6)
Cruise (sun, ocean, Cozumel, Isla Pasion by Twister, Fun!)
The first round of pictures

Each night on the cruise, we put on our collared shirts and went to dinner in the Celebration Dining area to be so elegantly served by George from Zambia. Next to our table was a table for two, at which two fine looking ladies* sat with their tanned bodies, little black dresses, and manicured faces/hair/hands/etc. But what was interesting about them was that I couldn't really make out any distinguishing factors between them; or any other pretty people for that matter.

And it is here that we began discussing that Pretty People are about as indistinguishable as people of another ethnicity with which one is not very well acquainted. You know what I'm talking about. It's why 80% of you could not tell the difference between a Chinese and Japanese person and why every African American person I meet looks like Will Smith, Usher, or Denzel and why when visiting an African American church in Detroit, I was compared to "that guy from 'That 70's Show.'" A sign of our ignorance, but that's another blog.

Bringing back the Pretty People from our cruise, they shared the same characteristics as every other pretty person I know. They both had brown hair with well blended highlights. They both wore similar black dresses at least two nights in a row. They both had tanned skin with zero imperfections. Both used plenty of make-up but not in anyway to distinguish themselves from one another. Once again, I'm going to cite ignorance as a cause of my inability to distinguish between the two. My simple request for all you good looking people out there, show some sort of individuality and I'll try looking for your unique characteristics.

*Their generic good looking-ness reminded me of these ladies:

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Dauthan said...

Awesome. I actually just showed that SBemail to Amanda last week when she asked why I said "there is two of us!"