Sunday, November 16, 2008

Life as of late or Responsibility respect

This blog would fall under the category of "avoidance of paper writing."

I'm slightly stressed about the vast amount of writing left to do this semester but I'm a senior in college so I should suck it up and do it. On that note, I love the competition sought out over who's the busiest. I don't feel like I've really realized it fully until this year (surprisingly) but college students love to do this. Almost everyone has a lot of homework, a lot of extracurriculars, and a lot of relationships to keep up. When asked to do something, almost everyone has the response, "Oh, I would love to but I've got so much to do tonight that I couldn't possibly fit in something else" with which the enquirer responds, "Dude, I've got so much going on too, probably more than you, but I'm making the choice to do this (whatever event is going on)."

Basically, this has little to no effect on people because practically everyone thinks they are the busiest person in the group. In reality, most people are probably rather comparable, and even if there is a clearly "busier" person, that person is probably more capable of handling more. My thought is that we each need to consider how much we want (and should) commit to our various responsibilities. If we have clear commitment levels, other people should understand the heart of the person has designated certain amounts of time to certain responsibilities and respect their decision or, if the other person feels the first person devotes too much time to one responsibility, confront them on what they should be devoting their time.

I guess I give surface level attitudes little thought. I'm more interested in well adjusted people.

This blog doesn't really make sense but I've run out of designated time I've previously set aside to blog writing so you will have to live with an unclear/unedited blog.

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Ben said...

It's true. I just don't love the sister(s) as much as you do.
I still love you though.