Thursday, August 21, 2008

Transitional Sentence (or Blog)

Dear Readers (Ruf),

Tomorrow the freshmen come. For anyone unaware, I'm a PA (RA) at Taylor University this year. The arrival of the freshmen more or less signifies the beginning of my job as PA and really, as the beginning of the year. The past week has been filled with PA bonding and training time but now the practice is put into use.

I like Taylor's ResLife program. One reason: today (the last day before move in day), we had two hours of 'reflection time' or whatever you want to call it. Basically, two hours to sit back, read, journal, pray, etc. Something hard to come by with such a busy week of planning, decorating and such.

I don't really have anything significant to say in this blog other than that it feels like a transitional time moving into this small role of leadership, beginning my senior year, and moving back into academia after a summer of care free abandon.

I wish you all (Ruf) a fantastic fall and ask for your prayers as I am a human with much wisdom yet to be gained.



Jacob said...

right on, right on

Ben said...

My name's not Ruf.