Saturday, May 19, 2007

some of my beliefs... (especially in relation to rob bell :) )

i'm listening to a question and answer podcast that mars hill had.

i identify/agree with everything that is said.

there are a few repeat questions but you should check it out. skip the intro junk and you could probably turn it off after an hour and a half... (yeah it's long...)

it's labeled: "Questions & Answers - Joe Hays and Rob Bell" under the "Mars Hill Bible Church" podcast.

some highlight issues for me included:
we seek truth. Jesus gives truth.
evangelism should be organic - why have bulletpoints when sharing your life?
living counter culturely is possible.
God identifies with the marginalized - surround yourself w/those who are marginalized.
our theology should not identify us - our actions should.
we should no longer be known for what we are against. (both in an anti-abortion/homosexuality/etc way as well as an anti-fundamentalism way.)
"i don't believe something because the republicans and/or democrats say. i believe it b/c the Bible does."
it's not our job to say who is going to hell.
rob bell says what i have been thinking. he articulates well.

i'm seeing more and more that christianity is a call to loving people. to being christ-like. it is social justice. it is action.

i may be thinking this way but i am not living it to the fullest.
america isn't doing it either. i'm becoming jaded to the society i'm in.

ironically, i am engaged to clubs and discussions that actively pursue "integrating faith and culture." i still think the two passions (becoming counter culturally & engaging it) can coincide. it is important to define the two ideas of culture.
culture i want to be rid of: the pursuit of money, living well, being cool, etc.
culture i engage: art (music/film/fasion/etc), acknoweldging trends, current prevalent thought, and more.
perhaps they are more the same thing then i realize, but i find it important to know what is going on where i'm living.

that's it for now.

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Jacob said...

agreed.. rob bell is the man, no really